Final Shuttle Launch Photo Gallery

Enjoy these new photographs of the last Space Shuttle Launch. These images showcase the final take off of Space Shuttle Atlantis on Friday July 8th 2011, embarking on mission STS-135.

STS 135, Atlantis On The Launch Pad

Images compiled by Ben Lovatt, founder of Educated Earth. Click here for an article on the future of America’s manned space flight.

Final Space Shuttle Launch - On The Launchpad

Shuttle Atlantis Prepares For Launch Long Distance Shot

Mission Control Monitors The Space Shuttle

Refueling Complete Space Shuttle Launch

Thruster Ignition July Space Shuttle Launch

Lifoff Of Space Shuttle Atlantis July 2011

Atlantis Blasts Off Into The Sky 2011

Shuttle Closeup View During Launch

Space Shuttle Atlantis Breaking Sound Barrier 2011

Releasing Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB) In Space

Solid Rocket Booster In Space July 8

Releasing Orange Fuel Tank Space Shuttle Atlantis

Images compiled by: Ben Lovatt

If you liked these, you will love our website Educated Earth. You will also enjoy our Live Coverage of this final shuttle mission.

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