Acid Shooting Ants

The southern wood ant (formica rufa) can be found across much of Europe, living in both coniferous and broad-leaf woodlands. Though, at first glance, they may look like any old ant, this species has a secret weapon – an acid cannon built into its abdomen! Read on for more information and a video!

Formica Rufa Shooting Acid

Wood ant colonies, such as the formica rufa, typically hunt and feed on any invertebrates that wander into their territory. They often feast on aphids but are not above scavenging for meals when an opportunity presents itself.

Their colonies are large, dome-shaped structures and are often situated in the cool shade of woodland clearings. Being able to so well defend their territory, they are quite comfortable building their colonies up to several meters in width and height.

Strangely enough they frequently have up to 100 egg producing queens, and even reintroduce post-nuptial queens from its own mother colony.

Formica Rufa Shooting Formic Acid Video

Written by: Ben Lovatt

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