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Articles / Flora and Fauna

Moths Drink The Tears Of Sleeping Birds
  • Currently 2.8594815825375/5 Stars.
A species of moth drinks tears from the eyes of sleeping birds using a fearsome proboscis shaped like a harpoon, scientists have revealed.
Huge Plant-Eating Dinosaur Unearthed In Spain
  • Currently 2.7736625514403/5 Stars.
Scientists in Spain have found the fossilized remains of one of the largest animals ever to walk the Earth, a gargantuan plant-eating dinosaur up to 125 feet long and weighing as much as seven elephants.
Giant Squid Caught On Video By Japanese Scientists
  • Currently 2.849593495935/5 Stars.
Its mass of reddish tentacles flailing, a giant squid fought a losing battle to evade capture in a video unveiled by Japanese scientists on Friday.
Unseasonable Flowering In The Netherlands
  • Currently 2.8985313751669/5 Stars.
Observers in the Netherlands reported that more than 240 wild plant species were flowering in December, along with more than 200 cultivated species. According to biologist Arnold van Vliet of Wageningen University, this unseasonable flowering is being caused by extremely high autumn temperatures.
Bears Have Stopped Hibernating
  • Currently 2.8865435356201/5 Stars.
Bears have stopped hibernating in the mountains of northern Spain, scientists revealed yesterday, in what may be one of the strongest signals yet of how much climate change is affecting the natural world.
Leopard Saves A Baby Baboon
  • Currently 2.7360801781737/5 Stars.
She is the ultimate predator - a sleek and stealthy killer. Pouncing on her prey, she silences the baboon with one swipe of a vicious paw. Then, suddenly, something stirs in the dead animal's fur, and the law of the jungle is rewritten.
Over 50 New Species Found In Borneo: WWF
  • Currently 2.8674101610905/5 Stars.
Dozens of new species of animals and plants including a catfish with protruding teeth and a tree frog with striking bright green eyes have been found in the past year in the forests of Borneo, a WWF report said on Tuesday.