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Articles / Flora and Fauna

Rare Warm Weather Lands Pink Pelicans in Siberia
  • Currently 2.8655303030303/5 Stars.
A flock of African pink pelicans en route home landed in Siberia on Tuesday, astounding local residents after Russia's abnormally warm weather threw them off course.
Cat's Delicate Lapping Defies Gravity
  • Currently 2.9156193895871/5 Stars.
A cat's delicate lapping does not scoop up water but uses inertia to create kind of a backward waterfall, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday.
New Zealand Aims To Contain Kiwifruit Disease
  • Currently 2.848167539267/5 Stars.
New Zealand will institute a policy of aggressive containment to combat an outbreak of a bacterial disease threatening the NZ$1 billion ($780 million) kiwifruit industry, the government said on Monday.
Extinct Bears Found Underwater
  • Currently 2.9049429657795/5 Stars.
Underwater archaeologists have discovered the skulls of four Arctotherium - a genus of short-faced bear that went extinct 11,300 years ago - 42 metres down in a submerged cave on the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico.
World's First Photosynthetic Vertebrate
  • Currently 2.8693467336683/5 Stars.
A solar salamander? Scientists find photosynthetic organisms living inside a vertebrate's cells for the first time.
Science Struggling To Track Destruction
  • Currently 2.9156626506024/5 Stars.
Scientists are struggling to get a full picture of the variety of wildlife species around the globe as climate change, human exploitation and pollution threaten "mass extinctions," a series of studies published on Wednesday showed.
Frog Derived Sensor Saves Wildlife
  • Currently 2.8283433133733/5 Stars.
Princeton engineers have developed a sensor that may revolutionize how drugs and medical devices are tested for contamination, and in the process also help ensure the survival of two species of threatened animals.
150 Million Year Old Squid Is Drawn With Its Own Ink
  • Currently 2.9166666666667/5 Stars.
Scientists discover fossilized squid with the ink gland perfectly intact.
Scientists Use Seals To Unlock Ocean Secrets
  • Currently 2.9395604395604/5 Stars.
Scientists are outfitting elephant seals and self-propelled water gliders with monitoring equipment to unlock the oceans' secrets and boost understanding of the impacts of climate change.
Brazil Considers Microchipping Trees
  • Currently 2.7954070981211/5 Stars.
It could be just another of the thousands of trees felled each year in Brazil's portion of the world's largest forest except for one detail: a microchip attached to its base holding data about its location, size and who cut it down.