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Articles / Flora and Fauna

Giant Penguin Fossil Gives Evolutionary Clues
  • Currently 2.816247582205/5 Stars.
The preserved feathers and scales of a giant fossilized penguin discovered on Peru's central coast provide a glimpse of Peru's Eocene period, and how the species evolved to its modern state, paleontologists say.
Elephant Shrew Species Found in Kenya
  • Currently 2.8611111111111/5 Stars.
Researchers may have discovered a previously unknown species of the giant elephant shrew -- a small mammal with a nose like a trunk -- in a remote Kenyan forest.
Tiger "Clusters" May Be Last Hope For Species
  • Currently 2.9123505976096/5 Stars.
Asia's tiger population could be close to extinction with fewer than 3,500 tigers remaining in the wild and most clustered in fragmented areas making up less than 7 percent of their former range in Asia, a study says.
It's Official: An Asteroid Wiped Out The Dinosaurs
  • Currently 2.8148148148148/5 Stars.
A giant asteroid smashing into Earth is the only plausible explanation for the extinction of the dinosaurs, a global scientific team said on Thursday, hoping to settle a row that has divided experts for decades.
Study Finds Weed Killer Affects Frogs Sexually
  • Currently 2.8941176470588/5 Stars.
OTTAWA (Reuters) - The widely used weed killer atrazine affects the sexual development of frogs, raising questions about the effects of its use in the environment, the University of Ottawa said on Thursday.
Life Dries Up in Kenya's Mau Forest
  • Currently 2.8523592085236/5 Stars.
High in the hills of Kenya's Mau forest, some 20,000 families are facing eviction from their farms - accused of contributing to an ecological disaster which has crippled the country.
Stowaway Mosquitoes Threaten Galapagos Wildlife
  • Currently 2.8607594936709/5 Stars.
The unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands is under threat from disease-carrying mosquitoes arriving on board growing numbers of aircraft and tourist boats, researchers said on Wednesday.
Can Algae Change The World - Again?
  • Currently 2.8848314606742/5 Stars.
Can algae save the world again? The microscopic green plants cleaned up the earth's atmosphere millions of years ago and scientists hope they can do it now by helping remove greenhouse gases and create new oil reserves.
Census of Modern Organisms Reveals Echo of Mass Extinction
  • Currently 2.9714285714286/5 Stars.
Paleontologists can still hear the echo of the death knell that drove the dinosaurs and many other organisms to extinction following an asteroid collision at the end of the Cretaceous Period 65 million years ago.
Giant, Ancient Snake Found
  • Currently 2.8397260273973/5 Stars.
It was the all-time titan of snakes -- a monster as long as a Tyrannosaurus rex that stalked a steamy South American rain forest after the demise of the dinosaurs and ate crocodiles for breakfast, lunch and dinner.