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Articles / Flora and Fauna

Two China Lakes Menaced By Algae Outbreaks
  • Currently 2.7044609665428/5 Stars.
Two of China's major lakes are again threatened by spreading algae that has endangered drinking water and underscored the pollution choking the country's waterways, state media reported on Sunday.
Plants Can Tell Who's Who
  • Currently 2.7864523536165/5 Stars.
It's not just animals that can tell siblings from strangers.
Cockroaches Can Learn - Like Dogs And Humans
  • Currently 2.7751937984496/5 Stars.
Cockroaches have a memory and can be taught to salivate in response to neutral stimuli in the way that Pavlov's dogs would do when the famed Russian doctor rang his bell, Japanese researchers found.
China Finds New Species Of Big, Bird-Like Dinosaur
  • Currently 2.8061594202899/5 Stars.
China has uncovered the skeletal remains of a gigantic, surprisingly bird-like dinosaur, which has been classed as a new species.
Greenpeace Says Indian Port Killing Rare Turtles
  • Currently 2.8637083993661/5 Stars.
A port being built on India's eastern coast is a "killing field" of rare Olive Ridley turtles and other marine life, and should be shut down, Greenpeace said on Friday.
World's Tigers On "Catastrophic" Path to Extinction
  • Currently 2.8517823639775/5 Stars.
The world's wild tigers are on a "catastrophic" path to extinction as numbers continue to decline because of increased poaching, habitat destruction and poor conservation efforts by governments, a new report has said.
Chernobyl Area Becomes Wildlife Haven
  • Currently 2.8022598870056/5 Stars.
Two decades after an explosion and fire at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant sent clouds of radioactive particles drifting over the fields near her home, Maria Urupa says the wilderness is encroaching.
Purple Frog Among 24 New Species Found In Suriname
  • Currently 2.794964028777/5 Stars.
A purple fluorescent frog is one of 24 new species found in the South American highlands of Suriname, conservationists reported on Monday, warning that these creatures are threatened by illegal gold mining.
Tree Planting, Worm Farming on World Environment Day
  • Currently 2.8080614203455/5 Stars.
Australian protesters held a "picnic rally" against the logging of native forests while hundreds of Indian policemen swapped guns for spades to plant trees on Tuesday to highlight World Environment Day.
UN Urges Protection of Animals From Climate Change
  • Currently 2.7173076923077/5 Stars.
A senior United Nations official urged a 171-nation U.N. wildlife forum on Sunday to take action to help protect animals from climate change.