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Japan Battles To Contain Nuclear Crisis
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Japan scrambled on Saturday to reduce pressure in two nuclear plants damaged after a massive earthquake and tsunami struck its northeast coast probably killing at least 1,300 people.
Tunisian Prime Minister Resigns
  • Currently 2.8367647058824/5 Stars.
Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi resigned Sunday after violent protests over his ties to the North African state's toppled former leader, triggering street celebrations in central Tunis.
Libya Protesters Seize Streets
  • Currently 2.8733766233766/5 Stars.
Libyans protesting against Muammar Gaddafi's rule appeared to control the streets of Benghazi on Sunday, even though the security forces have killed scores in the bloodiest of multiple revolts now rocking the Arab world.
Humans Left Africa 65,000 Years Earlier
  • Currently 2.9162303664921/5 Stars.
Modern humans may have left Africa for Arabia up to 65,000 years earlier than previously thought and their exodus was enabled by environmental factors rather than technology, scientists said on Thursday.
Looters Smash Egyptian Treasures and Mummies
  • Currently 2.9576642335766/5 Stars.
Looters broke into the Cairo museum housing the world's greatest collection of Pharaonic treasures, smashing several statues and damaging two mummies, while police battled anti-government protesters on the streets.
Major Civil Unrest In Egypt
  • Currently 2.9446428571429/5 Stars.
President Hosni Mubarak sent troops backed by armored cars into Cairo and other Egyptian cities on Friday in an attempt to quell street fighting and mass protests demanding an end to his 30-year rule.
Bhutan To Raid Homes For Tobacco
  • Currently 2.7495183044316/5 Stars.
As part of its pledge to become the world's first smoke-free nation, Bhutan has authorized police to raid people's homes to seize contraband tobacco.
Will There Be A Food Price Crisis?
  • Currently 2.9400352733686/5 Stars.
The Group of 20 has begun discussions designed to stave off possible global unrest due to the spiraling cost of basic foods.
Pompeii Collapses Spark Worry and Outrage
  • Currently 2.8447653429603/5 Stars.
Pompeii mayor Claudio D'Alessio does not want to go down in history linked with Pliny the Younger, the Roman who chronicled the destruction of the ancient city nearly 2,000 ago in an eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
China to Lead World in Innovation By 2020
  • Currently 2.7919708029197/5 Stars.
China is set to become the world's most important center for innovation by 2020, overtaking both the United States and Japan, according to a public opinion survey to be published on Monday.