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Articles / Humanity

Teenage Boys Survive 50 Days Adrift
  • Currently 2.9351851851852/5 Stars.
Three teenage boys set adrift for 50 days in a small boat in the South Pacific survived on coconuts, a seagull they managed to catch and by drinking rain and then sea water, rescuers said on Friday.
South Korea Marines Vow Revenge
  • Currently 2.9250493096647/5 Stars.
South Korea's Marine commander on Saturday vowed "thousand-fold" revenge for a North Korean attack that killed two servicemen and two civilians and prompted an unusual expression of regret from North Korea.
First Use Of Tools Pushed Back 50,000yrs
  • Currently 2.9051724137931/5 Stars.
A group of prehistoric people mastered a difficult and delicate process to sharpen stones into spears and knives at least 75,000 years ago, more than 50,000 years earlier than previously thought, according to a report.
Our Youth Are Smoking More Contraband
  • Currently 2.7125/5 Stars.
Contraband cigarettes are a main source of supply for Ontario youth.
10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts
  • Currently 2.8349900596421/5 Stars.
10 of History's strangest and puzzling artifacts that are still around today.
Risks And Benefits In Nano Foods
  • Currently 2.7199170124481/5 Stars.
In a taste of things to come, food scientists say they have cooked up a way of using nanotechnology to make low-fat or fat-free foods just as appetizing and satisfying as their full-fat fellows.
3,500-Year-Old Egyptian City Unearthed
  • Currently 2.7933884297521/5 Stars.
Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of a 3,500-year-old settlement in one of Egypt's desert oases that predates earlier cities by a millennium, the Ministry of Culture said Wednesday.
Hostage Situation at Discovery Channel
  • Currently 2.73/5 Stars.
Police shot and killed a man who took three people hostage, waving a gun and apparently fitted out with explosives, in the headquarters of the Discovery Channel near Washington Wednesday.
Archeologists Find Lost Ship in Arctic
  • Currently 2.8145956607495/5 Stars.
Canadian archeologists have discovered the wreckage of the ship that has been credited with discovering the fabled Northwest Passage, saying the vessel remains in good condition after being abandoned more than 150 years ago in the Arctic ice.
Somali Piracy Becoming "A Community Activity"
  • Currently 2.7955625990491/5 Stars.
"Piracy-related business has become the main profitable economic activity in our area and as locals we depend on their output," said Mohamed Adam, the town's deputy security officer.