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Articles / Humanity

Global Seedbank Under Threat
  • Currently 2.7808/5 Stars.
A seed bank that is trying to collect every type of plant in the world is now under threat from the global financial crisis, its director says.
Texas Museum to Show Lucy Fossil Amid Criticism
  • Currently 2.7292817679558/5 Stars.
Lucy, the world's most famous human ancestor, will go on public display for the first time in the United States this week amid criticism that her 3.2 million year old bones are too fragile to withstand an 11-city tour.
Fossils Paint New Picture of Human Evolution
  • Currently 2.8484320557491/5 Stars.
An ancient skull and upper jawbone from two early branches of the human family tree -- Homo erectus and Homo habilis -- suggest the early human ancestors may have lived close together for half a million years, researchers said on Wednesday.
Skulls Confirm We're All Out Of Africa
  • Currently 2.6864564007421/5 Stars.
An analysis of thousands of skulls shows modern humans originated from a single point in Africa and finally lays to rest the idea of multiple origins, British scientists said on Wednesday.
Rare Mycenaean Grave Unearthed
  • Currently 2.7897526501767/5 Stars.
Roadworks in southern Greece have unearthed a rare Mycenaean grave thought to be well over 3,000 years old and containing important burial offerings including a gold chalice, the culture ministry said on Monday.
Blame That Bad Back On Your Ancestors
  • Currently 2.6077057793345/5 Stars.
A spine specialist trying to figure out why people so often have bad backs says he has come up with a new theory about when and how early humans evolved the ability to walk upright.
Ethiopia Unveils New Find of Ancient Fossils
  • Currently 2.7282608695652/5 Stars.
Ethiopian scientists said on Tuesday they have discovered hominid fossil fragments dating from between 3.5 million and 3.8 million years ago in what could fill a crucial gap in the understanding of human evolution.
Great Wall Wonder Restores China's National Pride
  • Currently 2.7543252595156/5 Stars.
The Great Wall's leap to the top of the new seven wonders of the world list has restored China's sense of national pride and eased frazzled nerves, state media said on Monday.
Which Is The Chatty Sex?
  • Currently 2.6597222222222/5 Stars.
Men talk every bit as much as women do, U.S. researchers said after painstakingly counting every word that 400 volunteers spoke.
Terracotta Tomb Site Hides Mystery Building
  • Currently 2.6971830985915/5 Stars.
The tomb of China's first emperor, guarded for more than 2,000 years by 8,000 terracotta warriors and horses, has yielded up another archaeological secret.