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Articles / Earth Sciences

Twin Disasters Kill More Than 300
  • Currently 2.7958412098299/5 Stars.
A tsunami and a volcanic eruption in Indonesia have killed more than 300 people with over 400 missing and tens of thousands displaced, authorities said on Wednesday.
Warmer Arctic Probably Permanent
  • Currently 2.8225538971808/5 Stars.
The signs of climate change were all over the Arctic this year -- warmer air, less sea ice, melting glaciers -- which probably means this weather-making region will not return to its former, colder state, scientists reported on Thursday.
Scientists Give New Estimate of Gulf Oil Spill
  • Currently 2.7886029411765/5 Stars.
Researchers weighed in on the controversial question of how much oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico during the BP Plc spill and said on Thursday the total amount was around 4.4 million barrels.
7.1 Quake Hits New Zealand
  • Currently 2.7762376237624/5 Stars.
Authorities declared an overnight curfew for Saturday after a major earthquake hit New Zealand's second biggest city, Christchurch, bringing down power lines and bridges and wrecking roads and building facades.
Scientists Crack Wheat's Genetic Code
  • Currently 2.853515625/5 Stars.
Scientists have cracked and published almost all of the highly complex genetic code of wheat -- a staple food for more than a third of the world's people -- and say breeders can now use their findings to improve yields.
No Sign of Oil After Gulf Platform Fire
  • Currently 2.7171171171171/5 Stars.
An oil and gas platform operated by Mariner Energy burst into flames in the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday, but the crew of 13 escaped and there were no signs of an oil spill, the Coast Guard said.
Crusader Risks Prison to Save Chinese Lake
  • Currently 2.8444444444444/5 Stars.
A former chinese factory worker declares war against the destruction of one of the largest freshwater lakes in China, and pays the price for his loud voice against industrial development and pollution.
Methane Bubbles in Arctic Seas Stir Warming Fears
  • Currently 2.872813990461/5 Stars.
Large amounts of a powerful greenhouse gas are bubbling up from a long-frozen seabed north of Siberia, raising fears of far bigger leaks that could stoke global warming, scientists said.
Sun, Moon Trigger San Andreas Tremors
  • Currently 2.7563527653214/5 Stars.
Tidal forces parallel to a segment of the San Andreas Fault in central California may be causing non-volcanic tremors that could help predict earthquakes, researchers said on Wednesday.
Multiyear Arctic Ice Is Effectively Gone
  • Currently 2.8042763157895/5 Stars.
The multiyear ice covering the Arctic Ocean has effectively vanished, a startling development that will make it easier to open up polar shipping routes, an Arctic expert said on Thursday.