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Articles / Earth Sciences

Scientists Study Huge Plastic Patch In Pacific
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Marine scientists from California are venturing this week to the middle of the North Pacific for a study of plastic debris accumulating across hundreds of miles (km) of open sea dubbed the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch."
Arctic Storms Seen Worsening
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Arctic storms could worsen because of global warming in a threat to possible new businesses such as oil and gas exploration, fisheries or shipping, a study showed on Wednesday.
China Declares Emergency As Drought Bites
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China has declared an emergency over a drought which could damage the important wheat crop, threatening further hardship for farmers amid slumping economic growth.
Push For Climate Breakthrough As Obama Lifts Hopes
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Denmark's prime minister called on rich and poor countries alike to commit to big cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, ahead of key year-end talks on a new climate treaty in Copenhagen.
Obama Acts To Reverse Bush Climate Moves
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U.S. President Barack Obama began reversing the climate policies of the Bush administration on Monday, clearing the way for the government to allow states to set stricter limits on greenhouse gas emissions from cars.
Solving Avalanches’ Mysteries
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“Snow seems simple, but it’s extraordinarily complex,” Dr. Adams said. “If I set a box of snow in the refrigerator and come back in an hour, it’s changed significantly. It’s almost always in a constant state of motion, and studying it is a moving target.”
Congo Cancels 60% of Timber Contracts
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The Democratic Republic of Congo government has cancelled nearly 60% of timber contracts in the world's second-largest tropical rainforest.
Regional Nuclear War and the Environment
  • Currently 2.7986688851913/5 Stars.
Tensions between India and Pakistan have been high recently. If they escalated to all-out nuclear war, what would be the effect to the global climate?
Tibetan Glacial Shrink To Cut Water Supply By 2050
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Nearly 2 billion people in Asia, from coastal city dwellers to yak-herding nomads, will begin suffering water shortages in coming decades as global warming shrinks glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau, experts said.
Greek Fires Kill 56 and Lick Ancient Olympia
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Firefighters battled to save ancient Olympia on Sunday as Greece's worst forest fires in decades ravaged hills around the historic site and the death toll rose to 56.