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Articles / Earth Sciences

Toll Rises in South Asia Floods
  • Currently 2.8747826086957/5 Stars.
Flood victims in eastern India were eating raw wheat flour to survive as devastating monsoon flooding in South Asia continued to spread misery among millions.
Nearly 2,000 Camels Die In Saudi
  • Currently 2.8573033707865/5 Stars.
Nearly 2,000 camels have died in Saudi Arabia from a mystery illness that first appeared two weeks ago, the government said on Saturday, adding that poisoning was a more likely cause than infectious disease.
Ancient Diamonds Unlock Secrets of Early Earth
  • Currently 2.7741347905282/5 Stars.
Diamonds more than 4 billion years old -- nearly as old as the Earth itself -- have been discovered in Western Australia, giving scientists vital clues about the early history of our planet.
Australian Scientists Call for Ocean Network Probe
  • Currently 2.8950930626058/5 Stars.
Australian scientists want to string a vast array of probes across the oceans of the southern hemisphere to warn of changes in ocean circulation that may affect the global climate.
Hundreds of Saudi Camels Die From Mystery Ailment
  • Currently 2.9148099606815/5 Stars.
Hundreds of camels have died in Saudi Arabia this week from a mystery ailment.
Australia Discovers Ocean Current 'Missing Link'
  • Currently 2.8377425044092/5 Stars.
Australian scientists have discovered a giant underwater current that is one of the last missing links of a system that connects the world's oceans and helps govern global climate.
China, India Face Water Risk From Biofuel
  • Currently 2.8857142857143/5 Stars.
Present plans by China and India for biofuel production could mean they face water scarcity by 2030, a researcher said.
Australia Holds The World's Last Great Savanna
  • Currently 2.8353221957041/5 Stars.
Northern Australia contains the world's largest remaining savannas and is one of the last great pristine wilderness zones, covering an area larger than western Europe, Australian researchers said on Tuesday.
Amazon Deforestation Drops Sharply
  • Currently 2.8764367816092/5 Stars.
Deforestation of the Amazon rain forest in Brazil fell by about a third in the 12 months through July to the lowest rate in at least seven years, the government said on Friday.
Extreme Floods Hit 500 Million People a Year
  • Currently 2.8508371385084/5 Stars.
Homes and farmland drowned in increasingly severe floods are affecting some 500 million people a year and straining relief efforts, a senior U.N. official said on Thursday.